Triumph NTO-20S 20,000 lb. 2 Post Lift

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Product Description

Triumph NTO-20S 20,000 lb. 2 Post Lift

The Triumph NTO-20 Post Car Lift stands as a colossus in the realm of automotive lifts, designed to tackle the most demanding lifting tasks with an impressive 20,000 lb capacity. This powerhouse is not only engineered to lift a wide array of vehicles ranging from passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks but also comes with the assurance of reliability and longevity, thanks to its robust construction and adherence to the highest quality standards. Being ISO 9001 and CE Certified/Compliant, the NTO-20S exemplifies the pinnacle of lifting technology, ensuring peace of mind for its operators.

Constructed with direct drive cylinders for smooth operation, this 2 post lift boasts a substantial overall height of 170-1/2 inches and an overall width of 155 inches, providing ample space for large vehicles. The lift's 74-inch lifting height facilitates easy access to the vehicle's undercarriage, making maintenance, repair, and inspection tasks more efficient. With a distance of 124 inches between posts and a drive-thru width of 113 inches, the NTO-20S is designed for easy vehicle positioning and exceptional operational convenience.

Safety is paramount with the NTO-20S, featuring a single-point lock release for ease of use and an electrical override automatic safety shut-off to prevent over-lifting. The lift is equipped with free mounting hardware and truck adapters, enhancing its versatility across various vehicle types. A quick lift time of just 40 seconds significantly reduces wait times, boosting productivity in busy workshop environments.

Installation requirements are clear-cut, necessitating a 6-inch concrete slab with a minimum strength of 4,000 PSI to ensure a secure and stable foundation for the lift. Powered by a 220 Volt, 3 HP motor, the Triumph NTO-20S is designed for efficiency and durability, embodying the strength needed to perform under the most rigorous conditions.

Available through Mechanic Superstore, the Triumph NTO-20 Post Car Lift is a testament to Triumph's commitment to excellence in automotive lifting solutions. With its unrivaled capacity, safety features, and robust construction, the NTO-20S is ideally suited for professional garages seeking to elevate their service offerings to the next level. This lift represents not just an investment in equipment, but an investment in quality, safety, and efficiency, making it an essential addition to any automotive service center.

Product Specifications

Lift Model NTO-20S
Capacity 20,000 lbs
Overall Height 170-1/2″
Overall Width 155″
Lifting Height 74″
Distance Between Posts 124″
Drive Thru Width 113″
Lowered Height 6″
Base Plate Size 21x20″
Truck Adapters Yes
Lock Release Single Point
Electric Safety Cutoff Yes
Lift Time 40 Seconds
Voltage 220 Volt
Horsepower 3 HP
Concrete 6" Slab, 4,000 PSI
Style Overhead

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