Shipping & Delivery

 At Mechanic Superstore, our commitment is to provide you with the best customer service possible. For this reason, we offer you all kinds of delivery options so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

I have the Equipment to Unload My Order

Do you have a forklift, a high-capacity hoist, or a tractor in your facility? In that case, this option may be the one for you.

Aspects to keep in mind when choosing this option.

     1. The most popular 2-post lifts (with 9,000 lb and 10,000 lb capacity) have a shipping weight of approximately 1,400 lbs and 1,900 lbs, respectively. On the other hand, a 15,000 lb capacity 2-post lift has a 2,700 lb shipping weight.

     2. Given the packaged lift and hydraulic power unit’s weight, they cannot be unloaded from the trailer by hand. Simply put, IT IS MANDATORY TO USE A SUITABLE FORKLIFT OR HOIST FOR UNLOADING THE LIFT.

     3. You are solely responsible for unloading your equipment from the truck. The truck driver cannot do this for you.
     4. Mechanic Superstore uses trustworthy freight companies to make the deliveries. It is your responsibility to be present on the scheduled date and time of the delivery.
     5. There will be a receiver charge of $135 if the truck driver arrives at the designated location and the customer does not have the necessary means ready to unload the lift.

In case you do not have the necessary equipment to unload the equipment do not worry. Mechanics Superstore offers other delivery options.

pick up my lift at One of Our warehouses

Do you have a hitch trailer to transport your lift? If so, then this might be the best option.

Aspects to keep in mind when choosing this option.

           1. Mechanics Superstore and our brands’ warehouses have the means to load your car lift into an appropriate trailer.
           2. Given the weight and dimensions of car lifts, we cannot load lifts directly into vehicles or trucks. To safely transport your lift, you will need a hitch trailer.

Will this option not work for you? Perhaps the warehouse is too far from your location? If so, keep reading.

Dock Hold from LTL Carrier

Think of this option as a variation of the previous one. Even so, this could be an excellent alternative to picking up the lift at one of our warehouses. Instead, we can take the car lift to a warehouse closer to your location

You will still need a hitch trailer to transport the lift for this option, but you can save on freight costs if you have an LTL Carrier close to your shop.

Ship my lift directly to a local installer

Neither of the above delivery options suits you? Then we have the solution.

We will dispatch your lifts directly to a local installer in your area. This way, you will not have to worry about anything since the installer would be in charge of the logistics.

Aspects to keep in mind when choosing this option.

           1. You still have to pay the freight fee to the installer (or dock hold for the installer to pick up the lift)
           2. We will quote th e installation fee before you pay for the lift so that you can get an idea of the total amount to pay (car lift + freight + installation).

Do you have another delivery option in mind? In that case, do not hesitate to contact us. At Mechanic Superstore, we are open to all kinds of solutions, as long as they comply with the relevant local regulations and safety standards.