Triumph NTO-15 15,000 lb. 2 Post Lift

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Product Description

Triumph NTO-15 15,000 lb. 2 Post Lift

The Triumph NTO-15 Post Car Lift emerges as a towering achievement in automotive lifting technology, designed to support auto repair shops and car enthusiasts with a demand for high-capacity lifting solutions. This model boasts an impressive 15,000 lbs capacity, accommodating a broad spectrum of vehicles from lightweight passenger cars to hefty trucks, making it a versatile and indispensable tool in any automotive workspace.

Standing at an overall height of 165 inches and with an overall width of 142 inches, the NTO-15 provides ample space for a variety of vehicles, ensuring ease of operation and safety. The lift's 72-inch lifting height is ideal for performing detailed undercarriage repairs and maintenance, while the generous 116 inches between posts and a 102-inch drive-thru width offer exceptional accessibility and maneuverability for vehicles of all sizes.

Equipped with truck adapters, the Triumph NTO-15 caters to a wide range of lifting needs, ensuring that both light and heavy vehicles can be serviced with ease. The lift features a single-point lock release for convenience and an electric safety cutoff to enhance operational safety. With a rapid lift time of just 40 seconds, productivity is significantly increased, allowing for more efficient service turnaround times.

This lift is engineered for durability and long-term use, operating on a 220 Volt system with a powerful 3 HP motor. Installation requires a 4" concrete slab with a 3,000 PSI strength, ensuring a stable and secure foundation. The overhead style of the NTO-15 not only maximizes space within the workshop but also ensures that the lift mechanism is unobtrusive and efficiently integrated into the workspace.

Available through Mechanic Superstore, the Triumph NTO-15 Post Car Lift stands out as a reliable, high-capacity lifting solution for professional and home garages alike. Its robust construction, safety features, and efficient operation make it a wise investment for anyone looking to enhance their automotive service capabilities. The NTO-15 demonstrates Triumph's commitment to excellence in the field of automotive lifts, offering a blend of strength, versatility, and safety that is hard to match.

Product Specifications

Lift Model NTO-15
Capacity 15,000 lbs
Overall Height 165″
Overall Width 142″
Lifting Height 72″
Distance Between Posts 116″
Drive Thru Width 102″
Lowered Height 7″
Base Plate Size 20x20″
Truck Adapters Yes
Lock Release Single Point
Electric Safety Cutoff Yes
Lift Time 40 Seconds
Voltage 220 Volt
Horsepower 3 HP
Concrete 4" Slab, 3,000 PSI
Style Overhead

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