Triumph NOS9 9,000 lb. 4 Post Lift

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Product Description

The NOS9000 four post lift use the proven outside slider design, giving it a sturdy and rigid stance. The NOS9000 has many features that will give you confidence when you purchase one.

Product Features

  • 5"x5" post with 6"x6" slide collars
  • Manual dead bolt locks with oversized release linkage
  • 36" aluminum ramps weighing only 29 lbs. each
  • Set of drip trays included
  • Boxed tracks for extra strength
  • Secondary redundant safety system
  • Rolling jack tray with drain plug
  • Cable keepers to prevent cable run off
  • 12"x12" 5/8" base plates
  • Heavy duty poly coated casters included

Product Specifications

Lift Model NOS-9
Capacity 9,000 lbs
Overall Height 95″
Overall Length 212-1/2″
Overall Width 113″
Lift Height 77-1/2″
Height Under Runway 73″
Runway Length 170″
Drive Thru Width 93"
Runway Width 18″
Between Runways 37″
Lowered Height 6″
Locking Positions 12
Base Plate Size 12″ x 12″
Lock Release Single Point
Lift Time 40 Seconds
Voltage 110 Volts
Shipping Weight 2,123 lbs

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