AMGO 12,000 lb. 4 Post Lift Truck Service Combo

SKU/Product #: PRO-12SX + J6A

AMGO Hydraulics

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Product Description

The PRO-12SX is a perfect lift to work on regular everyday vehicles up to 12,000lbs. With air-released safety locks for convenient operation and consistent reliability, this lift will more than meet your everyday service needs.

Five-year Warranty on Steel Components, Three-year Warranty on Hydraulic Parts and Two years on Electrical Components.

AMGO’s powerful and easy-to-use J6A is made with the same quality componentry and standards as AMGO lifts, with safety as the utmost priority. AMGO manufactures the J6A in accordance to high-quality standards. We use critical materials and parts choosing along with advanced features and innovative technology when producing the J6A. High quality parts make the J6A more reliable, with greater longevity, while requiring less service.


Product Features

  • 12,000 lbs lifting capacity
  • Air-released safety lock for convenient operation and reliability.
  • Mechanical self lock and cable breaking protection
  • 3/8" Aircraft quality cable
  • Skid proof diamond platform
  • Hydraulic cyclinders are designed and made to high quality standards
  • Adjustable lifting platform: Off-side platform can be adjusts the mounting position left or right as required. The standard distance between two platforms is 43 1/4”(1100mm) and maximum distance is 53 3/4”(1365mm).
  • Strict quality control of cylinders with flow restrictors to keep a constant low speed.



Lifting Capacity: 12,000 lbs.
Style Non-Alignment
Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs.
A: Overall Length (Inc. Ramps) 232 5/8"
B: Overall Length (No Ramps) 196 3/4"
C: Overall Width 132 1/8"
D: Width Between Columns 118 1/8"
E: Max. Lifting Height 73 1/2"
F: Overall Height 86"
G: Minimum Height 6 5/8"
H: Max Underneath Height 67 7/8"
I: Drive-Thru Clearance 104 1/8"
J: Width Between Runways 43 1/4″ - Max. 53 3/4″
K: Outside Edge of Runways 83 1/4″ -   Max. 93 3/4″
Gross Weight 2,255 lbs.
Motor 1.0HP 110V/60Hz or 2.0HP 220V/60Hz

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