Valor VP8K-DX-XLT 8,000 lb 4 Post Deluxe Storage Lift

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Product Description

Valor VP8K-DX-XLT Deluxe 4 Post Storage Lift

Introducing the Valor VP8K-DX-XLT 8,000 LB 4 Post Deluxe Storage Lift, a game-changer in automotive maintenance and storage solutions. Engineered by Tuxedo, this lift combines innovation and reliability to meet the demands of both professional workshops and home garages. With its substantial 8,000 lbs capacity and extended lift height and length, the VP8K-DX-XLT effortlessly accommodates a wide range of vehicles, including full-size trucks, offering versatility and convenience like never before.

Equipped with a cable-driven system for smooth lifting, the VP8K-DX-XLT features a single-point manual lock release and adjustable locking positions for ease of use and flexibility. Safety is a top priority, addressed through the slack cable safety system, ensuring stability under all conditions. Steel approach ramps simplify vehicle loading and unloading while providing durability for daily use.

Designed to fit most residential garages, the VP8K-DX-XLT's dimensions offer ample space for various vehicles. With an impressive lifting height of 82.3 inches and clearance under runways of 78 inches, it provides ample room for maintenance and storage needs. Additional features such as drip trays, a jack tray, and a poly caster kit enhance functionality and protect garage floors from spills.

Available through Mechanic Superstore, the Valor VP8K-DX-XLT 4 Post Car Lift is a testament to quality, innovation, and safety in automotive lifting solutions. Whether for professional use or enhancing a home garage, the VP8K-DX-XLT offers unmatched performance, safety, and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Product Features

  • 8,000 lbs Capacity
  • Extended Lift Height & Length
  • Cable driven
  • Single Point Manual Lock Release
  • Adjustable Locking Positions
  • Slack Cable Safety
  • Steel Approach Ramps
  • Fits in most residential garages
  • Great for storage of many full-size trucks
  • Includes Drip Trays, Jack Tray & poly Caster Kit

Product Specifications

Lift Model VP8K-DX-XLT
Lifting Capacity 8,000 lbs
Lifting Height 82.3”
Overall Length w/ Ramps 225 1/2”
Overall Length w/ no Ramps 190.7”
Overall Width 109.4”
Runway Tread Width 18.7”
Runway Length 180-1/2”
Runway Height 4.3”
Column Height 94”
Clearance between Columns 100.3”
Clearance between Runways 42.2”
Outside Runway to Outside Runway 80.7”
Clearance Under Runways 78”
Drive Thru Width 87.2”
Locking Positions 12”
Base Plate Size 10” x 12”
Power 115V-20 Amp / 1PH
Ship Weight 1,805 lbs.

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