Triumph NSS-8XLT 8,000 lb. 4 Post Car Lift

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Product Description

Triumph NSS-8XLT 8,000 lb. 4 Post Car Lift

The Triumph NSS-8XLT 4 Post Car Lift is a superior lifting solution that brings together durability, versatility, and advanced features to meet the demands of both professional automotive workshops and dedicated home garages. Designed with an impressive capacity of 8,000 lbs, this lift is perfect for a wide range of vehicles, offering unparalleled support and stability for everything from compact cars to larger SUVs and light trucks.

Standing tall with an overall height of 94 inches and an extended overall length of 190 inches, the NSS-8XLT is crafted to provide ample space for vehicle servicing. Its overall width of 112 inches, combined with a generous lift height of 82 inches and a height under the runway of 79 inches, ensures easy access to the underside of vehicles for maintenance, repair, or storage. The lift’s runway length of 180 inches accommodates vehicles of various sizes, while the drive-thru width of 99 inches and runway width of 18 inches add to its versatility.

The NSS-8XLT is engineered for ease of use and safety, featuring 10 locking positions to cater to a wide range of service needs and a single-point lock release for straightforward operation. Achieving full elevation in just 40 seconds, this lift is designed to enhance productivity and reduce downtime in any setting. It operates on a standard 110 volts, making it easily compatible with most workshop and garage power sources, and its substantial shipping weight of 1,800 lbs speaks to its robust construction and long-term durability.

Built on a time-tested design that has been relied upon for over 20 years, the Triumph NSS-8XLT represents the pinnacle of four-post lift engineering. Its solid base plate size of 12" x 12" ensures a stable and secure lifting platform, providing peace of mind during operation.

Available through Mechanic Superstore, the Triumph NSS-8XLT 4 Post Car Lift is the ideal choice for automotive professionals and enthusiasts looking for a high-quality, reliable lift. With its combination of advanced features, solid construction, and user-friendly operation, the NSS-8XLT stands out as an invaluable asset in any automotive service environment, offering a seamless blend of performance, safety, and versatility. See also the Tuxedo FP8K-B storage lift.

Product Specifications

Lift Model NSS-8XLT
Capacity 8,000 lbs
Overall Height 94″
Overall Length 190″
Overall Width 112″
Lift Height 82″
Height Under Runway 79″
Runway Length 180″
Drive Thru Width 99"
Runway Width 18"
Between Runways 37"
Lowered Height 5″
Locking Positions 10
Base Plate Size 12" x 12"
Lock Release Single Point
Lift Time 40 Seconds
Voltage 110 Volts
Shipping Weight 1,800 lbs

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