Product Description

These rugged and versatile lifts are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards to provide you years of trouble free service. ISO 9001 and CE Certified/Compliant. Triumph 11,000 LB 2 Post above ground lifts should be installed on a concrete floor with a minimum rated 3000 PSI strength. Free mounting hardware, free truck adapters.

Product Specifications


Lifting Capacity: 11,000 lbs.
Max. Capacity / Front Axle: 5,500 lbs.
Max. Capacity / Rear Axle: 5,500 lbs.


F - Min. Pad Height: 4 1/2" (0.37 FT.)
Max. Rise (Under Arms) 116"
A - Max. Lifting Height: 72" (6 Ft.)
Lifting Time: 0

Outside dimensions

C - Overall Width: 138" (11.5 ft.)
B - Overall Height: 116" (9.66 ft.)

Inside Dimensions

E - Width Between Columns: 112" (9.33 ft.)
D - Drive-Thru Clearance: 102" (8.5 ft.)

Power Unit

Motor: NA


Weight: 2,000 lbs.

Pick Up and Delivery

Our Pick Up locations for Triumph are located in Forth Worth, TX / Columbus, OH / Los Vegas, NV.

Call, text, or chat with us if you have questions. 866-774-7743


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