DANNMAR DJ-4500 Rolling Bridge Jack

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Dannmar’s DJ-4500 rolling bridge jacks are engineered to lift up to 4,500 lbs. Install this rolling bridge jack on your Dannmar D4-9 Four-Post series car lift and gain more undercar access. Dannmar’s DJ-4500 rolling bridge jack will offer you the ability to perform more repairs at any wheel area.

If you will be adding the D4-9 lift in your shop, we’d recommend a pair of Dannmar rolling bridge jacks to raise both the front and the rear of vehicles you are repairing. This gives you the versatility to perform your job on a variety of vehicles under many circumstances.

The DJ-4500 rolling-bridge jack teamed with Dannmar’s D4-9, 4-post lift is one of Dannmar’s most popular packages. And the D4-9, 4-post lift with its optional caster kit is the lift that many repair centers prefer. That’s because it allows technicians to easily move it in their shop. These products teamed up will enhance your shop’s versatility and make your job easier by giving you more ability to move.

The rolling bridge jack for 4-post lifts incorporates several features for enhanced use and lifting.

Rubber Contact Pads

Dannmar’s rolling bridge jack is undercarriage and chassis friendly with non-marring rubber contact pads. The rugged material will hold up for many years of heavy use. Dannmar’s optional frame cradle set is the perfect match for use on trucks and SUVs.

Stackable Adapters

To gain more access on some vehicles or to reach the frame lifting areas of various vehicles and especially trucks, stackable adapters will help reach those points.

High-Pressure Hydraulic Power Unit

Dannmar’s rolling bridge jack is loaded with useful features including a hydraulic power unit with an air supply line providing 125 psi and 10 – 20 CFM. This is accessibly controlled by a foot pedal attached directly to the jack.

Three Lock Levels

Dannmar gives you choices. Raise the vehicle to where it best suits the job you are trying to complete. Three lock positions make it possible to get the vehicle to the best height.


  • 4,500-lb. lifting capacity
  • Rubber contact pads
  • Stackable adapters to maximize arm reach
  • High-pressure commercial air-hydraulic power unit; foot operated
  • Optional air-line kit
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