BendPak RBJ25000 25,000-lb. Capacity Rolling Bridge Jack

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Product Description

BendPak RBJ25000 25,000-lb. Capacity Rolling Bridge Jack

This is our most powerful rolling bridge jack ever, with 25,000 lbs. of muscle meant to service some of the biggest commercial fleets on earth. Use this jack on the 40,000-lb. capacity HDS-40 four-post truck lift to perform wheel service on almost any heavy-duty vehicle on wheels.

Lift 25,000 lbs. for Full Wheel Service Capability

Two RBJ25000 rolling bridge jacks will handle a vehicle up to 50,000 lbs. That means these jacks are over-engineered to handle offset centers of gravity on extremely heavy vehicles. Who might need bridge jacks of this caliber? For one, heavy-duty trucks and buses tend to require a bridge jack rated for more than half of the overall vehicle weight. Generally speaking, if you can safely lift a vehicle with the HDS-40 four-post lift, you can safely perform wheel service with the RBJ-25000 rolling bridge jack.

Steel contact pads

BendPak bridge jacks feature steel contact pads that are built to withstand heavy use. The four steel contact pads on each rolling bridge jack are in place to support both the axel and the lifting points of your vehicle. The jack is low-profile, so the pads fit comfortably underneath low-stance cars.

High-pressure hydraulic power unit

A powerful pneumatic-hydraulic power unit creates a dedicated power source for the rolling bridge jack. Two jacks will have separate airlines that can connect together on an airline kit. The foot pedal is air-powered, so a few simple pushes and the jack is fully lifted.

Three lock levels

Lift to three lock positions for your convenience. The higher the jack, the more undercarriage clearance you get on your four-post lift. Every rolling bridge jack offers premium safety standards at every lock position. The RBJ25000 is over-engineered to easily raise 25,000 lbs. in seconds flat.

Product Features

  • 25,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Steal contact pads
  • High-pressure hydraulic power unit
  • Optional air-line kit

Product Specifications

Lifting Capacity 25,000 lbs. (11,340 kg)
Suitable Lift Model(s) HDS-40 Series

Min. Drive-Over Height

Short Arm Pad 9" (229 mm)
Short Top Pad 9.75" (248 mm)
Tall Arm Pad 10.5" (267 mm)
Tall Top Pad 11.25" (286 mm)

Max. Lifting Height

Short Arm Pad 19" (483 mm)
Short Top Pad 19.75" (502 mm)
Tall Arm Pad 20.5" (521 mm)
Tall Top Pad 21.25" (540 mm)


Support Base Width 45" (1,143 mm)
Max. Arm Pad Reach 63.75" (1,619 mm)
Min. Arm Pad Reach 48.5" (1,232 mm)
Max. Top Pad Reach 39.5" (1,003 mm)
Min. Top Pad Reach 8" (203 mm)

Time to Full Rise 55 seconds
Pump Air/Hydraulic
Air Pressure 125 PSI (10-25 CFM)
Max. Operating Hydraulic Pressure 7,200 PSI
Power Requirement None
Shipping Weight 786 lbs. (356 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 47" x 29" x 17" (1,206 mm x 736 mm x 431 mm)

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