DANNMAR D2-10A 10,000 lb. 2 Post Lift - Asymmetric

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Product Description

DANNMAR D2-10A 10,000 lb. 2 Post Lift - Asymmetric

Elevate your automotive service with the precision and power of the DANNMAR D2-10A 2 Post Car Lift, now available at Mechanic Superstore. This state-of-the-art lift system is engineered to streamline operations in professional workshops and home garages alike, setting new standards in vehicle lifting technology.

At the heart of the D2-10A's design is its robust electric/hydraulic power system, which delivers smooth and reliable lifting performance. The innovative Tru-Metric™ arm design offers unparalleled versatility in arm positioning, allowing for precise alignment and easy access to a variety of vehicle types. With a generous lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs., evenly distributed between the front and rear axles, this lift can accommodate a wide range of vehicles, making it a versatile addition to any garage.

Safety is a paramount feature of the DANNMAR D2-10A, as evidenced by its added overhead safety shutoff bar and automatic arm restraints. These features, along with the heavy-duty 1/2" aircraft-quality equalizer cables and oversized cable sheave diameter, ensure that vehicles are securely held in place, reducing cable fatigue and extending the life of the lift. The lift's ALI Certification further attests to its adherence to the highest safety standards in the industry.

The D2-10A is designed with efficiency in mind, boasting a maximum lifting height of 78 1/2 inches and achieving full rise in just 45 seconds. Its dimensions and powerful motor support a seamless operation, while the telescoping screw pads and 4-piece 63 mm stackable adapter set offer increased versatility for different vehicle profiles. The lift's design is not just functional but also considerate of workshop space, with rotated single-piece columns and a wide drive-thru clearance facilitating easy maneuvering and positioning.

Choosing the DANNMAR D2-10A auto lift from Mechanic Superstore means investing in quality, durability, and efficiency. Whether you're comparing it to BendPak car lifts or other two-post lifts, the DANNMAR D2-10A stands out for its advanced features, solid construction, and safety compliance. Make the smart choice for your automotive service needs and lift your business to new heights with the DANNMAR D2-10A 2 Post Car Lift.

Product Features

  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Tru-Metric™ arm design for versatile arm positions
  • Added overhead safety shutoff bar
  • 30° rotated single-piece columns
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Heavy-duty 1/2" aircraft-quality equalizer cables
  • Oversized cable sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • 4-piece 63 mm stackable adapter set comes standard
  • Telescoping screw pads offer increased versatility
  • Single-point safety release
  • Drop-end arms provide a lower pad height
  • Dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinders
  • Oversized 53" tall carriage for superior strength
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapters.
  • ALI Certified

Product Specifications


Lifting Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
Max. Capacity / Front Axle: 5,000 lbs.
Max. Capacity / Rear Axle: 5,000 lbs.


A - Min. Pad Height: 5" (0.41 FT.)
C - Max. Rise (Under Arms) 69" (5.75 ft)
B - Max. Lifting Height: 78 1/2"(6.54 Ft.)
Lifting Time: 45 seconds

Outside dimensions

E - Overall Width: 143 1/2" (11.95 ft.)
D - Overall Height: 145" (12.08 ft.)

Inside Dimensions

G - Width Between Columns: 120 3/4 (10.06 ft.)
H - Drive-Thru Clearance: 100" (8.33 ft.)


J - Front Arm Reach: (Min) 29 1/4"(2.43 ft.)
J - Front Arm Reach: (Max) 43 3/4" (3.64 ft)
K - Rear Arm Reach: (Min) 40 1/4"(3.35 ft.)
K - Rear Arm Reach: (Max) 58" (4.83 ft)

Power Unit

Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / Single Phase


Weight: 1,682 lbs.
Dimensions: 151" x 23" x 35"

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