Corghi Service PRO 750 Wheel Balancer

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Product Description

Corghi Service Pro 750 Wheel Balancer w/LCD Monitor

Digital display wheel balancer with fully automatic cycle and software operating on all types of steel and light alloy wheels for cars, off-road vehicles, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and scooters.

Display & Weight Tray

This Corghi Proline 750 wheel balancer has a modern and practical high brightness digital display. Ergonomic and spacious tray in highly resilient material for counterweights and work accessories.

Wheel Data Acquisition

Electronic acquisition of distance and wheel diameter up to 26” with integrated FSP - SMART ARM function that automatically activates the balancing programs avoiding the use of the keyboard (only PROFESSIONAL version). The Corghi wheel balancer works according to the operator’s preferences.

The adhesive counterweights can be positioned with three different methods:

  • Manually at 12 o'clock or at 6 o'clock (standard method)
  • Assisted with weight holder clip
  • Assisted with laser pointer at 6 o'clock (optional)
Hidden Weight

Program to hide the weight behind the spokes for a better aesthetic effect of the rim.

Opt Flash

Programme that indicates the ideal mounting position between rim and tire in order to reduce the overall wheel imbalance.

Product Features

  • FSP SmartArm Wheel dimension detection
  • Digital display
  • Auto brake - Automatic end-cycle stop
  • OPT Flash - Program that indicates the ideal mounting position between rim and tire in order to reduce the overall wheel imbalance
  • Hidden Weight

Product Specifications

Max Wheel Diameter 44" (1118 mm)
Rim Width 1.5-20" (38-508 mm)
Rim Diameter 10-26" (Automatic) / 1-35" (254-660mm / 25-889mm)
Max Wheel Width 22.8" (579mm)
Max. Wheel Weight 154 lb (70 kg)
Spinning/Rotation Speed 150 RPM
Maximum Unbalance Value 999g / 35.3 Oz
Unbalance Measurement Accuracy + / - 1g
Average Measurement Time 7 Seconds
Power Consumption 250 W
Power Supply 110V / 60hz / 1ph
Dimensions 50" x 67" x 42.9" (1270 x 1704 x 1089)
Weight 280 lbs (127 kg)


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