Corghi BC200S Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer

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Product Description

Corghi BC200S Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer

Semi-automatic MOTORCYCLE line tire changers suitable for professional and intensive use on motorcycle, scooter, go-kart and garden equipment wheels, as well as also on very thick wheels such as quad wheels. Variable height bead breaking unit to always work in an ergonomic and effective position

Product Features

  • Clamping - Horizontal side tilting arm and manual clamping of the vertical tool arm
  • Turnable - The turntable has three different clamping positions, which are easily selectable without tools, for clamping wheels from 5” to 23”
  • Bead Breaking - Horizontal bead breaking system
  • 3 Positions Wheel Support - Wheel support movable in 3 different positions with maximum opening of 14.5" (370 mm) to handle particularly high profile tires such as ATV/quad tires

Product Specifications

Max. Wheel Diameter 39.37" (1000 mm)
Std Clamping Capacity w/ATV kit 6-16” (152-406 mm)
Bead-Breaking Blade Force 750 kg
Maximum Wheel Width w/Bead Breaker Support Pos 1 - 7.5" (190 mm) / Pos 2 - 11" (280 mm) / Pos 3 - 14.5" (370 mm)
Turntable Rotation 8 ÷ 15 rpm
Operating Pressure 8-10 bar (116-145psi)
Power Unit 230V 1ph 0.75kW
Weight 330.69 lbs (150 kg)


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