Corghi AM500 Leverless Tire Changer

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Product Description

Corghi AM500 ARTIGLIO 500 Leverless Tire Changer

Technology for vehicle, SUV and commercial vehicles wheels up to 32”. A natural evolution of Artiglio 50, this new tire changer maintains its best qualities and also presents many technical innovations: dynamic bead breaking device with a dual bead breaker disc, newly designed head group, more performing wheel support plate clamping, reinforced structure, great attention to ergonomics and control availability. All of this means a faster operating speed without risks to the operator and the rims, even during the most critical phases, great simplicity of use and universality, for equipment whose features can be used 100%.

Standard Bead Pressing Tool #8-11100221

For use with low profile/run flat, high performance, and off-road wheel/tire assemblies.

Product Features

  • Available in electric only.
  • Dynamic bead breaking device with dual specular bead breaker disc.
  • The multifunctional control console contains all the operating controls. Ideal for dynamic bead breaking and for rim and tire match mounting, thanks to the two dual control discs.
  • Motoinverter drive system.
  • A wheel lifter is fitted as standard, for effortlessly placing wheels of any type onto the turntable.
  • The demounting procedure uses the same working movements but absolutely no effort is required from the operator thanks to the “Leva la leva” (Without lever) technology incorporated in the head (Patent Pending)
  • Safe and universal wheel clamping

Product Specifications

Max. Tire Diameter 47" (1,194 mm)
Max Wheel Width 15” (381 mm)
Wheel Diameter 12-32" (305-813 mm)
Turnable Torque 811 ft-lb
Turnable Speed 7 rpm/18 rpm
Power Requirements 110 V / 1PH / 50 Hz
Air Requirements 130 psi
Dimensions - Max 83" H x 63" W x 67" D
Weight 838 lbs.


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