Amgo AX-16A 16,000 Lb Alignment Scissor Lift

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AMGO Hydraulics

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Product Description

Amgo AX-16A 16,000 Lb Alignment Scissor Lift

Introducing the robust and efficient AX-16A Alignment Lift, an essential tool for any professional automotive workshop. With a formidable lifting capacity of 16,000 lbs (7,300 kg), this lift is specifically designed to handle heavy-duty vehicles, making it perfect for alignment services in busy commercial settings.

The AX-16A offers a substantial maximum lifting height of 73 5/8 inches (1870 mm), providing ample space for a variety of undercarriage work. It reaches this height in just 110 seconds, thanks to its powerful 2.0HP motor operating at 220V/60Hz, ensuring quick and efficient lifting operations. Its minimum height stands at 13 inches (330 mm), allowing for easy placement and removal of vehicles.

Designed with precision in mind, the lift features an impressive runway length of 213 3/4 inches (5428 mm) and an overall width of 94 1/8 inches (2390 mm), accommodating a wide range of vehicle sizes. The width between the runways is 44 7/8 inches (1140 mm), making it versatile for different vehicle types.

The AX-16A is also equipped for detailed alignment tasks with specifications that support both two-wheel and four-wheel alignments. The minimum four-wheel alignment length is 98 inches (2490 mm), and it can extend up to 184 1/2 inches (4680 mm) for maximum four-wheel alignment, with a generous 190 1/2 inches (4840 mm) for two-wheel alignment.

This lift is not only powerful and versatile but also designed with safety and durability in mind, ensuring that it withstands the rigors of daily use in a high-volume, professional environment. Whether it's routine maintenance or complex repairs, the AX-16A Alignment Lift delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

Product Features

  • 2 dual synchronous cylinders are used to assure the optimal lifting level on both platforms
  • Electro-air control system, which operates the self-lock safety mechanism
  • Heavy-duty design, the X serial scissor lift uses a 5 7/8” x 3” (150 x 75mm) tube to make it stronger and assures the runways remain level during operations
  • Skid proof diamond platform provides traction for tires to stay put

Product Specifications

Model AX-16A
Style Alignment
Lifting Capacity 16,000 lbs (7,300 kg)
Lifting Time 110 seconds
A1: Max. Lifting Height 73 5/8″ (1870mm)
A2: Minimum Height 13″ (330mm)
B: Runway Length 213 3/4″ (5428mm)
C: Overall Width 94 1/8″ (2390mm)
D: Width Between Runways 44 7/8″ (1140mm)
E: Overall Length(Inc.Ramps) 274 1/8″ (6964mm)
F: Min.Four Wheel Align 98″ (2490mm)
G: Max.Four Wheel Align 184 1/2″ (4680mm)
H: Max.Two Wheel Align 190 1/2″ (4840mm)
Gross Weight 6,345lbs (2,878 kg)
Motor 2.0HP,220V/60Hz,single phase

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