MTD TC-1300 Tire Changer - Tilt-Back Press Arm - Leverless Demount Tool

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Product Description

TC-1300 Tire Changer

Product Features

  • Lever less design allows for user safety and convenience
  • Tilt back column leaves ample room for operation
  • 3 function assist arm adds versatility in dismounting low profile tires
  • Pneumatic locking hex shaft provides reliable and convenient functionality
  • Powerful dual bead blaster jets on all four clamps
  • Inflation hose and air gauge

Product Specifications

Product Model TC-1300
Max Wheel Diameter 41” (1,041 mm)
Wheel Width 3–15” (76-381 mm)
Inside – Rim Clamp Range 13–26” (330-660 mm)
Outside – Rim Clamp Range 11–24” (280-610 mm)
Power 110V – 15 Amp – 1PH
Working Pressure 125 psi
Shipping Weight 975 lbs

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