Triumph NTC-950-2 Tire Changer

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Product Description

Triumph NTC-950-2 Tire Changer

Elevate your tire service capabilities with the TRIUMPH NTC-950-2 Tire Changer, a comprehensive solution for high-volume shops, exclusively available at Mechanic Superstore. Designed to tackle a variety of tire types including wide, low profile, and run-flat tires, this machine is equipped with state-of-the-art features to streamline your operations.

The NTC-950-2 boasts dual pneumatic assist arms, simplifying the process of changing even the most challenging tires. Its innovative bead blast technology delivers a powerful blast of air into the tire's sidewall, facilitating easier bead setting and inflation. This feature is especially useful for securing proper seat on the rim, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

For maximum durability and versatility, the tire changer includes both a steel and a plastic mount and demount head, accommodating different tire types without risking damage to the rims. The included plastic wheel clamp covers, soap tank, and application brush, along with a comprehensive tire tool bar, ensure that you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

The machine's robust specifications include a clamping range from 16 to 28 inches inside and 14 to 26 inches outside, making it capable of handling tires up to 43 inches in diameter and 15 inches in width. Powered by a 1 1/2 HP motor and capable of exerting a bead breaker force of 5,500 lbs, the NTC-950-2 is built to handle the demands of a busy tire shop.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your equipment or set up a new operation, the TRIUMPH NTC-950-2 Tire Changer from Mechanic Superstore offers the reliability and performance necessary to service a wide array of tires with precision and ease. Make this machine a cornerstone of your service offerings and watch your productivity soar.

Product Features

  • Dual pneumatic assist arms make it very easy to change even the most difficult tires.
  • Can handle wide profile, low profile tires, and run flats.
  • Includes a steel mount and demount head, a plastic mount and demount head, plastic wheel clamp covers, soap tank and application brush, tire tool bar.
  • A powerful bead breaker mounted on the side of the tire changer.
  • Great for a commercial shop looking to expand to almost any tire!

Product Specifications

Inside Clamping 16-28" (406-711 mm)
Outside Clamping 14-26" (355-660 mm)
Max Wheel Width 15" (381 mm)
Max Tire Diameter 43" (1092 mm)
Bead Blast Yes
Horse Power 1 1/2 HP
Bead Breaker Force 5,500 lbs.
Max PSI 120 PSI (8.3 Bar)
Voltage 110 Volt
Assembled Size 56" x 93" x 80" (1,422mm X 2,362mm X 2,032mm)
Shipping Size 38" x 65" X 51" (965mm X 1651mm X 1,295mm)
Shipping Weight 900 lbs.

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