Triumph NTC-950-2 Tire Changer NTB-550 Wheel Balancer Combo

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Product Description

Triumph NTC-950-2 Tire Changer and Triumph NTB-550 Wheel Balancer Combo

Introducing the TRIUMPH NTC-950-2 Tire Changer and NTB-550 Wheel Balancer Combo – the perfect solution for any high-volume shop looking to enhance their tire changing and wheel balancing services. This powerful combination is packed with features that make tire servicing easier, faster, and more precise.

The NTC-950-2 Tire Changer is designed to handle even the most challenging tires, including wide profile, low profile, and run-flat tires. Equipped with dual pneumatic assist arms, this tire changer simplifies the process, making it easy for your shop to manage a variety of tires. The bead blast technology provides a powerful burst of air into the sidewall, helping to break and set beads efficiently. With a bead breaker force of 5,500 lbs and a 1 1/2 HP motor, you can trust this machine to deliver outstanding performance every time.

In addition to its powerful features, the NTC-950-2 comes with a steel mount and demount head, a plastic mount and demount head, plastic wheel clamp covers, a soap tank with an application brush, and a tire tool bar. These tools ensure that you have everything you need to handle almost any tire that comes into your shop.

The NTB-550 Wheel Balancer complements the tire changer with its precision and ease of use. It includes a wheel brake to hold the wheel in place while applying weights, enhancing accuracy. The balancer comes with a plastic safety hood, quick release wing nut, cone adapters, wheel weight hammer, and rim caliper. With a cycle time of just 6-9 seconds and an accuracy of +/-1 gram, this balancer ensures quick and precise results.

Both machines operate on 110 volts, making them compatible with standard shop electrical systems. The NTC-950-2 can clamp inside wheels from 16-28 inches and outside wheels from 14-26 inches, with a maximum wheel width of 15 inches.

The NTB-550 can handle wheel sizes from 10-28 inches, with a maximum tire diameter of 44 inches and a rim width of 1 1/2-20 inches.

Upgrade your shop with the TRIUMPH NTC-950-2 Tire Changer and NTB-550 Wheel Balancer Combo from Mechanic Superstore. This robust and reliable combo will take your tire and wheel services to the next level, ensuring efficiency and precision in every job.

Product Specifications

NTC-950-2 Tire Changer Specifications

Inside Clamping 16-28" (406-711 mm)
Outside Clamping 14-26" (355-660 mm)
Max Wheel Width 15" (381 mm)
Max Tire Diameter 43" (1092 mm)
Bead Blast Yes
Horse Power 1 1/2 HP
Bead Breaker Force 5,500 lbs.
Max PSI 120 PSI (8.3 Bar)
Voltage 110 Volt
Assembled Size 56" x 93" x 80" (1,422mm X 2,362mm X 2,032mm)
Shipping Size 38" x 65" X 51" (965mm X 1651mm X 1,295mm)
Shipping Weight 900 lbs.

NTB-550 Wheel Balancer Specifications

Wheel Size 10-28" (254-711 mm)
Max Tire Diameter 44" (1,118 mm)
Rim Width 1 1/2-20" (38-508 mm)
Max Weight 150 lbs.
Shaft Size 36 mm
Automatic Data Entry No
Display Standard or Metric
Accuracy +/-1 Gram
Cycle Time 6-9 Seconds
Horse Power 1/4 Horse
Voltage 110 Volt
Assembled Size 28" X 47" X 56" (711mm X 1194mm X 1422mm)
Shipping Size 36" X 28" X 46 (914mm X 711mm X 1,168mm)
Shipping Weight 325 lbs.

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