Hofmann MONTY 1675 with SmartSpeed Swing-Arm Tire Changer

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Product Description

The monty™ 1675 tire changing system is ideal for handling passenger cars, light trucks, and high-performance wheel/tire assemblies. Ergonomic design and safety-enhancing features provide the technician with a safe workspace when changing a variety of tires. Locking mount/demount head offset provides maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels and significantly reduces the risk of harming wheel/tire assemblies.

Product Features

  • Robust, Professional Design
  • Swing-Arm Configuration
  • smartSpeed™ Technology
  • Ergonomic, Hand-Operated Bead Breaker
  • Bead Pusher/Tire Lifting Tool
  • Integrated Pressure Limiter

Product Specifications

Outer-Clamping Diameter 10"-24" (254 - 609 mm)
Inner-Clamping Diameter 12"-24" (304.8 - 609.6 mm)
Maximum Wheel Width 15" (380 mm)
Maximum Tire Diameter 53" (1,346 mm)
Rotation Speed CW 7-18 | CCW 7 RPM
Bead Breaker Power 1224 kg (2700 lbs.)
Bead Breaker Range 2" - 16" (43-414 mm)
Standard Power Supply 230V 1Ph 50/60Hz 16A
Air Pressure Required 116-174 PSI (8-12 BAR)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 53” x 46” x 81” (1346 x 1168 x 2057mm)
Shipping Weight 340 kg (750 lbs.)

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