Hofmann GEODYNA 7600P Wheel Balancer with Touchscreen Monitor High Volume

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Product Description

The wheel balancer for tire shops, car dealerships, and garages with medium to high tire service volume: with touchscreen monitor and easyWEIGHT pinpoint indicator light – an accurate, fast, and easy solution to position adhesive weights on the wheel.

Intuitive User Interface

New touchscreen, user-friendly interface on a flat panel, resistive touch display. Fast and intuitive selection of the cycle modes.


Pinpoint laser identifies exact weight placement location for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Power Clamp

The electromechanical power clamp always clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force, which is most important for every balancing operation.

Data Entry

The Smart Sonar automatically detects rim width and the measuring run is started as soon as the wheel guard has been completely lowered. 30% time savings compared to manual input.

VPM Measurement Technique

The geodyna® 7600 series comes with the patented Virtual Plane Measurement (VPM) technique which ensures accurate balancing results, while being insensitive to ambient conditions


Mobile app helps service technicians identify the best tools for their wheel balancing jobs. Using the EZ-Collets mobile app, service professionals can select a vehicle to find and compare options for the best collet, flange, or quick plate for the wheel. The app also provides information about the tire and rim for the vehicle.

The EZ-Collets app is free to download through the Apple and Google stores and requires user email activation.

Product Features

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • easyWEIGHT
  • Power Clamp
  • Data Entry
  • VPM Measurement Technique
  • EZ-Collets

Product Specifications

Wheel clamping Power clamp
Diameter of shaft 40 mm
Measuring speed < 200 rpm
Balancing accuracy 0.035 (1 g)
Angular resolution ±0.35°
Length of shaft 225 mm
Start/Stop balance time - Check spin (Wheel 195/65R15) 4.5 seconds
Manual rim diameter range 8-32" (203-813 mm)
Manual offset range 1-20" (25-508 mm)
Manual rim width range 1-20" (25-508 mm)
Semi-automatic rim diameter range 8-25" (203-635 mm)
Semi-automatic rim width range 3-15" (76-381 mm)
Max. wheel diameter 42" (1,067mm)
Max. wheel weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Motorized Yes
Power Requirements 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Dimensions LxWxH (Unit only) 54" x 34.5" x 72" (1,372 x 876 x 1829 mm)
Net Weight 253 lbs (115 kg)

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