Deluxe Shop Starter Combo #2

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Product Description

Introducing the Deluxe Automotive Shop Starter Combo, a comprehensive package that equips you with everything you need to kickstart your automotive repair business or enhance your existing shop. This kit is carefully curated to meet the demands of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With top-of-the-line equipment and essential accessories, you'll be well-equipped to tackle any automotive maintenance or repair task with ease.

2 Post Car Lift:

The centerpiece of this kit is a high-quality 2 post car lift. The Triumph NTO-9AE. This robust and reliable lift provides a safe and efficient way to work on a range of vehicles allowing easy access to the undercarriage for repair and inspections. The baseplate design means you only need 10 feet of clearance to fit it in your shop. 

Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer:

Changing and balancing tires is a fundamental task in any automotive shop. Our kit includes a state-of-the-art tire changer and wheel balancer from Triumph. The tire changer offers efficient and effortless tire removal and installation, minimizing labor and reducing the risk of damage. The wheel balancer ensures smooth and vibration-free rides by accurately balancing wheels, enhancing vehicle performance and safety.

Essential Accessories:

To complement the core equipment, we've included a range of essential accessories that will further enhance your shop's capabilities:

Air Compressor: A powerful air compressor provides a steady supply of compressed air for various pneumatic tools, such as impact wrenches, air guns, and air ratchets.

Trolley Jack: The 2 Ton trolley jack provides additional support for lifting vehicles, ensuring stability and safety during maintenance and repairs.

Oil Drain:  Simplify oil changes, and make the process cleaner and more efficient.

Whether you're starting a new automotive shop or looking to upgrade your existing one, the Deluxe Automotive Shop Starter Combo is designed to provide you with the essential equipment and accessories you need for success. With its high-quality components and thoughtful selection of equipment, this combo sets you on the path to becoming a trusted and efficient automotive service provider.

Product Features

  • Triumph NTO-9AE 9,000 lb. Baseplate Lift
  • Triumph NTC-950 / NTB-550 Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer
  • Triumph NOD-18 Oil Drain
  • Tuxedo Basic Wheel Weights Set
  • Belaire 4916V 5-HP 60-Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor (230V 1 Phase)
  • Sunex Tools 3/8" Drive Impact Wrench 75ft/lbs 1000rpm
  • ATD 3/8" x 50 ft. Retractable Air Hose Reel
  • ATD 7304 2 Ton Trolley Jack

Product Specifications

NTO-9AE Specifications

Capacity 9,000 lbs
Overall Height 145-1/2″
Overall Width 134-1/2″
Lifting Height 72″
Distance Between Posts 109″
Drive Thru Width 92″
Lowered Height 4-1/2″
Base Plate Size 18x14″
Truck Adapters Yes
Lock Release Dual Point
Electric Safety Cutoff Yes
Lift Time 50 Seconds
Voltage 220 Volt
Horsepower 3 HP
Concrete 4" Slab, 3,000 PSI
Style Overhead

NTC- 950 Specifications

Inside Clamping 16-28" (406-711 mm)
Outside Clamping 14-26" (355-660 mm)
Max Wheel Width 15" (381 mm)
Max Tire Diameter 43" (1092 mm)
Bead Blast Yes
Horse Power 1 1/2 HP
Bead Breaker Force 5,500 lbs.
Max PSI 120 PSI (8.3 Bar)
Voltage 110 Volt
Assembled Size 56" x 40" x 80" (1,422mm X 1,016mm X 2,032mm)

NTB- 550 Specifications

Wheel Size 10-28" (254-711 mm)
Max Tire Diameter 44" (1,118 mm)
Rim Width 1 1/2-20" (38-508 mm)
Max Weight 150 lbs.
Shaft Size 36 mm
Automatic Data Entry No
Display Standard or Metric
Accuracy +/-1 Gram
Cycle Time 6-9 Seconds
Horse Power 1/4 Horse
Voltage 110 Volt
Assembled Size 28" X 47" X 56" (711mm X 1194mm X 1422mm)

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