Atlas ALI Certified APEX9 4-Post Lift + RJ6 Rolling Bridge Jacks Combo



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Product Description

Atlas ALI Certified APEX9 4-Post Lift + RJ6 Rolling Bridge Jacks Combo

The Atlas® APEX9 ALI certified 4 post lift is a heavy duty hobbyist and commercial grade lift and is a true 9000 LB lift. The APEX9 is extra long and allows the lift to handle some of the longest wheel base vehicles out there. The APEX9 is also extra wide allowing even Diesel Duallys to be driven onto the runways. The APEX9 also features extra lift height so everything from Smart Cars® to a Dually can be parked both below and on the runways.

The Atlas® APEX9 is even heavier than the Garage PRO9000 making it one of the heaviest portable hobbyist lifts on the market. The APEX9 has many of the features of the Atlas® Garage PRO9000 lift including free plastic drip trays, a free steel jack tray, and a caster kit with polyurethane wheels. The caster kit can be installed or removed in just a matter of minutes making the lift portable and allowing it to move between bays or even outside.

The commercial grade features and ALI Certification of the Atlas® APEX9 make this lift the perfect choice for automotive service centers or the “Mr. Homeowner” that needs a PORTABLE professional four post lift.

This combo package also includes two of the popular Atlas® RJ6 rolling bridge jacks. The jacks are perfect for raising a vehicles wheels off the lifts runways in order to service tires and brakes. NOTE: The RJ6 rolling jacks are not ALI Certified, only the APEX9 lift is.

Product Features

APEX9 4-Post Lift

  • ALI Certified Lift
  • 9,000 lb. Capacity
  • Free Standing/Portable Design
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extra Tall, Extra Wide & Extra Long
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Diamond Plated Runways
  • Single Point Lock Release
  • Lock Ladder Design
  • Double Lock Safety System
  • Steel Approach Ramps Included
  • Steel Jack Tray Included
  • Four Plastic Drip Trays Included
  • Two Wheel Chocks Included
  • Caster Kit with Polyurethane wheels Available
  • Anchor Bolts Optional (Sold Separately)
  • Perfect for Storage or Working on Vehicles
  • 110volt Electric Operation (Requires 30amp Breaker)
  • Shipping Weight: 2,975 lbs.
  • 5 yr Structural – 2 yr Hydraulic Warranty – Parts Only

RJ6 Rolling Bridge Jack

  • 6,000 lb. Capacity
  • Air/Hydraulic Operated (external air supply required)
  • Multiple Safety Lock Positions
  • Compact Size with Low Profile
  • Smooth Rolling Action
  • Scissor mechanism allows for level lifting
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • 4 Piece Truck Adapter Set Included
  • 1 Year Parts Only Warranty

Product Specifications

Atlas® APEX9 Specifications

Capacity 9,000 lbs.
Lifting Height, Top of Runway 86" (7' 2")
Clearance Under Runways 81 1/4" (6' 9 1/4")
Height Of Columns 99" (8' 3")
Overall Width (Without Motor) 121 7/8" (10' 1 7/8")
Overall Width (With Motor) 133 7/8" (11' 1 7/8")
Overall Length With Approach Ramp 227 1/2" (18' 11 1/2")
Length Between Columns 184 1/4" (15' 4 1/4")
Runway Width 20 1/8"
Runway Length 196 1/2" (16' 4 1/2")
Runway Thickness 4 3/4"
Width Between Runways 38 7/8" w/ Rails 34 3/4"
Outside Runway To Outside Runway 79" (6' 7")
Clearance Between Columns 108 1/8" (9' 1/8")
Drive Thru 98 5/8" (8' 2 5/8")
Motor/Electrical Requirement 110volt, 30 amp breaker required
Oil Requirement 3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46 (NOT INCLUDED)
Shipping Weight 2,975 lbs.

Atlas® RJ6 Specifications

Maximum Capacity 6,000 lbs.
Maximum Width 55" (4' 7")
Minimum Width 35" (2' 11")
Distance Between Runway Capability 32"-50"
Maximum Lifting Height (With Adapters) 21" (1' 9")
Air Requirement 70-115 PSI
Adapter Heights 2 Each 2", 3"
Arm Hole/Adapter Peg Size 1.5"
Shipping Weight 350 lbs

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