Atlas ACL Air Operated 1,000 lb Capacity Motorcycle Lift with Roller Plate



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Product Description

Atlas ACL Air Operated 1,000 lb Capacity Motorcycle Lift with Roller Plate

The Atlas® ACL motorcycle lift has a heavy gauge (diamond plated) platform length of 85 1/2 inches and an additional 20 inch removable approach ramp.

The Atlas® ACL is air operated and requires between 90-100 PSI to operate. The ACL is the perfect addition to any service department of professional motorcycle dealers or is a great motorcycle lift for the person who wants to work on his personal bike in their own garage.

This is a complete motorcycle lift that includes an adjustable front (padded) wheel vise and a heavy duty air operated foot valve for easy raising and lowering. The defining feature of the ACL motorcycle lift is a removeable plate at the rear of the lift. The plate can be removed and left off to allow more access to the rear tire or the plate can be replaced with an included roller plate. The roller plate allows the rear tire to be spun for work and testing. Finally the ACL also includes the stabilizing bar at no extra charge. This bar provides greater stability for the raised platform by increasing the “footprint” of the lift.

For those customers looking for more width to pick up ATV's, UTV's, Golf Carts, and other wider vehicles the Atlas® ACL motorcycle lift can be equipped with the Atlas® ACL Side Extension Kit to increase the width up to 4 feet.

Product Features

  • 1,000 lb. Capacity
  • 33" Full Lift Height
  • Diamond Plate Surface
  • Air Operated (External Air Supply Required)
  • Removeable Roller Plate
  • Foot Pedal Control Included
  • Front Wheel Vise Included
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Shipping Weight: 500 lbs.

Product Specifications

Model ACL Motorcycle Lift
Weight Capacity 1,000 lbs.
Length (W/ Ramp) 105 1/2" (8' 9 1/2")
Table Length (W/O Ramp) 85 1/2" (7' 1 1/2")
Width 24"
Lift Height 33" (2' 9")
Lowered Height 7 1/4"
Removable Approach Ramp 20"
Air Requirement 90-100 PSI
Shipping Weight 500 lbs.

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