Atlas 12AWFSL 12,000 lb Capacity Alignment Scissor Lift with Wheels Free Lifts



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Product Description

Atlas 12AWFSL 12,000 lb Capacity Alignment Scissor Lift with Wheels Free Lifts

The Atlas® 12AWFSL 12,000 lb. alignment scissor lift has all the same features as the Atlas® 12ASL lift but with the addition of built in runway lifts known as the "Wheels Free" lifting system. When a vehicle is loaded on the 12AWFSL lift the "Wheels Free" jacks will raise a vehicle by the frame, lifting it so the wheels come off the runways for easier access and to facilitate alignments. The "Wheels Free" jacks are conveniently controlled at the lifts control console.

The Atlas® 12AWFSL alignment scissor lift has a lifting height of over seven feet so that it may be floor mounted or recessed in the floor for flush mounting. The full frame under the scissor lift provides for maximum stability.

The separate control panel may be conveniently positioned to allow easy access for the operator. The 220 volt (single phase) electric/hydraulic power unit is housed inside the metal control panel box. The push button controls activate the raising and lowering of the lift. The sophisticated air actuated lock system is automatically engaged and disengaged as the lift is being raised or lowered. The alignment scissor lift has a safety lowering limit switch. Once the lift platforms are lowered to within 10 � inches of the ground, the lift automatically stops its descent. The Down button needs to be released and depressed again to allow the lift to go down completely.

The Atlas® 12AWFSL alignment scissor lift has welded rails on the inside of the runways allowing the customer the option of using a rolling jack (such as the Atlas® RJ-6).

Quality workmanship, ease of operation, straight forward installation instructions, a durable powder coat finish and the lowest prices in the industry makes the Atlas® 12AWFSL 12,000 lb. alignment scissor lift the perfect choice for the demanding and discriminating ship owner. This Alignment System allows the customer to utilize a minimum amount of space and still be able to align the smallest foreign car all the way up to a one ton dually.

Product Features

  • 12,000 LB. Capacity
  • Commercial Grade
  • Scissor Alignment Lift
  • Built in “Wheels Free” Lifting System
  • Built in Slip Plates and Alignment Turntables Included
  • Turntable Covers Included
  • Open Center Design for Easy Access
  • Air-Operated Single Point Lock Release (External Air Supply Required)
  • Airline Kit Included
  • Rear Cross Beam for Extra Stability Included
  • Extra Long 72″ Ramps Standard
  • Precise Platform Leveling Accuracy
  • Separate Self-Contained Control Panel
  • Emergency Manual Pump for Lowering
  • 19 Locking Positions
  • CE Certified
  • Can be Surface Mounted or Flush Mounted
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • 220volt/1phase Electric Operation (Requires a 30amp Breaker)
  • Shipping Weight: 5,000 lb.
  • 2 yr Structural – 1 yr Hydraulic Warranty – Parts Only

Product Specifications

Model 12AWFSL
Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs.
Lifting Height 84 1/4" (7' 1/4") (Surface Mounted)
"Wheels Free" Lift Height 17" (Above Runway)
Lowered Height 11 1/2"
Overall Width 86 3/8" (7' 2 3/8")
Overall Length with Approach Ramps 250" (20' 10")
Overall Length without Approach Ramps 197" (16' 5")
Approach Ramp Length 72" (6')
4-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase Max. 168 in. / Min. 90 in.
2-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase Max. 172 in. / Min. 86 in.
Runway Width including Rail 23 3/4" (1' 11 3/4")
Width Between Runways 39 1/4"
Width Between Runway Rails 34 3/8"
Air Requirement 90-120 PSI
Motor/Electrical Requirement 220 volt +/- 5% (209-231volts) single (1) phase. A 30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement 3-5 Gallons AW32 or AW46 (NOT INCLUDED)
Requires a minimum of 6" of concrete with a 3000 psi. rating
Shipping Weight 5,000 lbs.

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2 year warranty on material and workmanship.
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