Amgo RJ-8A Automatic 8,000 lb Rolling Jack

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AMGO Hydraulics

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Product Description

Amgo RJ-8A Automatic 8,000 lb Rolling Jack

AMGO’s 8000lbs capacity rolling jack with pneumatic pump. AMGO’s powerful and easy-to-use RJ-8A is made with the same quality componentry and standards as AMGO lifts, with safety as the utmost priority. AMGO manufactures the RJ-8A automatic jack in accordance to high-quality standards. We use critical materials and parts choosing along with advanced features and innovative technology when producing the RJ-8A. High quality parts make the RJ-8A more reliable, with greater longevity, while requiring less service.

Product Features

  • Safety self-lock mechanism
  • Convenient for use on a variety of lifts
  • Can be used separately or match with lifts (four post, scissors,etc.)
  • Adjustable adapter assembly

Product Specifications

Model RJ-8A
Lifting Capacity 8,000 lbs (3,629 kg)
Lifting Time 50 Seconds
Lifting Height 23 1/8″~32 1/4″(589~820 mm)
Minimum Height 12 1/8″(308 mm)
Width Between Adapters 33 5/8″~66 1/4″(856~1683 mm)
Runway Width 20 5/8″(526 mm)
Gross Weight 362 lbs (164 kg)

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