Amgo MC-1200 Motorcycle & Atv Lift

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AMGO Hydraulics

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Product Description

Amgo MC-1200 Motorcycle & Atv Lift

The MC-1200 is a professional motorcycle jack stand lift with a 1,200 lb capacity that can handle all your power sport vehicle needs. From tire changes, preventive maintenance, and motor work, the MC-1200 AMGO lift can help you do it all and do it quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Product Features

  • Power unit stand with hand-release power unit mechanism
  • Mechanical hand-release safety lock with automatic activation
  • Wide platform with several slots on each side to apply vehicle tightening belts
  • Hydraulic cylinder with flow restrictor for stable and smooth lowering of the vehicle
  • Advanced features such as the plastic tool tray and rear tire removal cover

Product Specifications

Model MC-1200
Lifting Capacity 1,200 lbs
Lifting Time 23 seconds
A: Lifting Height 42 15/16″
A: Max. Lock Height 40 7/8″
B: Overall Length(lnc.Ramp) 106 5/16″
C: Runway Length 88 9/16″
D: Overall Width 29 1/2″
Min. Height 6 1/8″
Gross Weight 693 lbs
Motor 1.0HP, 110V/60Hz,single phase

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