Amgo LR06 Low Rise Lift

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AMGO Hydraulics

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Product Description

Amgo LR06 Low Rise Lift

The Portable low-rised lift is an excellent choice for low ceiling or adding a bay for seasonal increases in business.

Provides good working height for tires, brakes and body repairs.

Product Features

  • Multiple safety locks with mechanical release.
  • Portable, Easy to move with power unit stand.
  • High speed: From 105-600 mm (4 1/8″-23 5/8″) in just 25 seconds.
  • High density rubber pads included.

Product Specifications

Model LR06
Lifting Capacity 6,000 lbs
Lifting Time 25 seconds
A1: Max. Lifting Height 23 5/8″ (600mm)
A2: Minimum Height 4 1/8″ (105mm)
B: Runway Length 53 1/4″ (1352mm)
C: Overall Width 70″ (1780mm)
D: Width Between Runways 34 1/8″ (868mm)
E: Overall Length 76 1/4″ (1938mm)
Gross Weight 849lbs (385kg)
Motor 1.0HP 110V/60Hz,single phase

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