Product Description

AMGO SML-7 7,000 lb. Single Post Lift

AMGO’s newly designed single post lift is the perfect choice when you must quickly lift a vehicle in limited space.The SL-7 is one of the least space-consuming, permanently affixed lifts in the world and can be used in commercial service shops, home garages, or any area where space is at a premium and durability is a must.

Product Features

  • Lifting capacity: 7,000 lbs
  • Max. lifting height: 77 3/4″ (1976 mm)
  • Min height: 4 3/8″ (110 mm)
  • Self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and a self-lubricating bronze bushings.
  • High quality cylinders and power units are manufactured to high standards.
  • AMGO 5-3-2 Warranty

Product Specifications

Model SL-7
Lifting Capacity 7,000 lbs
Lifting Time 84S (110V) 32S (220V)
A: Lifting height 72″~77 3/4″ (1830mm ~ 1976mm)
B: Overall Height 108 7/8″ (2766mm)
C: Overall Width 84 1/2" (2146 mm)
D: Minimum Pad Height 4 3/8" (110 mm)
Gross Weight 1,488 lbs (675 kgs)
Motor 1.0HP,110V/60Hz Single Phase 2.0HP,220V/60Hz Single Phase

Pick Up and Delivery

Our Pick Up locations for AMGO are located in Manning, SC / Kalamazoo, MI / Dallas, TX / Temecula, CA.

Call, text, or chat with us if you have questions. 866-774-7743



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